We merge knowledge, technology and services to help you grow in 
an age of lock-downs and rapid digital transformation


3D Virtual Technology gets created using Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Image Processing to create virtual reality of almost anything in the physical world. 3D has already started to change how people visit and perceive physical locations to a point where ignoring it is no longer an option. 

Retail & Restaurants

In-store traffic affected by Covid? 
Bring online sales up! Let us help with a 2021 Style Customer experience. See a table you like? Book it directly in our software
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Hospitality, Conference & Education

Getting those guests, meetings or students onboard means the difference between success and failure. All sites can be visited online and rooms can even be booked
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Real Estate, Construction & Insurance

85% of future buyers wish to make an online visit before making a first visit. 100% of insurance companies would like to see and inspect a case site virtually before paying out the insurance sum
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Museums & Attractions

The way valuable information is shared have changed, made possible by a high-quality digital experience. Use our paywall to allow paid online visits to all or special parts of your exhibition
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Invite them inside 24/7

The majority of Internet traffic is now mobile and takes place outside of normal business hours. At those times customers are searching information and making buying decisions. Their decision is made online before they visit your physical location.

 With 3D you can invite them in to your 3D Virtual World 24/7/365.

Take Charge in Times of Change

How can you take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity of change to dramatically move forward?

In order to plan, design, construct and operate in the digital transformed reality we now live in, there is an emerging need for management tools based on 3D visualization, referred to as Digital Twins.
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Driving Efficiencies and Security in Store and on Campus

Harness video intelligence for driving operational efficiency beyond security. Our video analytics technology enables campuses of all sizes to leverage video data to understand, prevent and analyze on-site incidents and behavioural patterns.
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